Karma 2 Motion

The international buddhist society for Better Karma


We are business savvy people managing a business for charities, by securing and managing donated  assets. As key officers, we hold high degrees in business, investment banking, real estate investment as background and medical doctorate.We are seeking to create a dynamic board of directors. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of a movement, creating a single platform of Buddhist philanthropy around the globe.


Kayla Nguyen, CEO,  she holds  an MBA from University of San Diego, recently rated by U.S. News & World Report as among top 85 schools.  After having witnessed life unfolds, she holds deep rooted practice of planting good seeds to create better Karma for herself and for humanity as a whole. And formerly she held various certifications in residential and commercial real estates, insurance licenses, and equity/debt trade series licenses.


Dr. Dat Do, Chairman: Dedicated cardiologist at a California hospital. He is the pillar of our foundation. Dr. Do had not only saved many lives but also devoted himself to philanthropy.


Ty Humes, Director:  Specialties include Investment Banking, private equity, mergers and acquisition, equity capital raise, debt restructuring, quantitative financial analysis, international political economic analysis, forensic accounting, corporate restructuring, marketing branding, software and hardware architecture analysis, competitive analysis, sector analysis, media asset management for film, television and recording industry, digital asset management.


Arthur Hubbard, Operations: He has 35 years of professional Federal Law Enforcement experience. He has worked on and managed law enforcement operations, investigations internal self-inspections, intelligence and security programs, domestically and internationally.  He has been appointed to acting executive level positions. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and advanced level education for career development. Personal interests include travel, photography, reading, world politics and events, physical exercise and outdoor activities. He has leadership, organizational management, communication, developmental training, and problem solving skills that would be an asset he can bring to an organization.