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First Visit to Kontum MaiAm orphanage where they house about 35 kids. We became the sponsor to their daily English Program 8/2018

Second visti to MaiAm to see children English skill progress 11/2018

English Class in


11/2018 Meeting friends from  Hội Quán Nghệ Thuật. Vice-Pres Cường is most dedicated to helping young children, elders, and people with HIV virus . He received numerous awards for his charity works. We are in collaboration with HQNT for upcoming end 2018-2019  charitable projects.

A charity visit to a Temple in District 8, HCM City where they house 127 old and sick people.  10/2018

A very strenuous charity visit to Chua Kien Son, deep in the mountain of Dong Nai where I had to ferry over, 12 hours bus ride altogether. Although they do not house many kids or elders, they do annual charitable events to help thousands of ethnic children.

11/2018 We met some amazing Vietnamese Buddhists who spent enormous amount time and money in the past years with their own charity projects. Chi Nga is instrumental in bringing family and friends donations to provide wheelchairs to the disabled, bikes to the orphans,  and build bridges for the distant villagers. Looking to collaborate with her in her upcoming charitable projects.

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In the month of April and May 2019  the weather is heating up in Saigon and all of Vietnam, so are our hearts and the activities we participated in with numerous Anh and Chi in Vietnam.

Registered Charity Number : 83-1239236