Call for Actions to all Buddhists.

To my Fellow Buddhists:

Now is the time for us to make a difference for not only ourselves but for all of humanity. We need to apply Engaged Buddhism in our daily practices for charitable causes.

As Bodhisattva, common Buddhists and Buddhists as a collective organization we have neglected charitable acts and philanthropy both currently and in the past. While individually you may have been giving to people around you and the temples which need your support, it is now time for us to act as a single group regardless of different sects, practices, ethnicity, language or from differing temples. Its unfair not to mention the impact Tzu Chi had given to disaster relief recently for the Indonesian tsunami, yet it is now time we create a more inclusive body of Buddhists and supporters for better karma, (started by a Taiwanese monk in 1966).We can do this together under a single platform of Buddhist for charitable causes through the International Buddhist Society for Better Karma (the “Foundation”).

Christian, Jewish and Muslim organizations have raised billions of dollars for various charitable purposes. It is now time for we Buddhists as a group to come together as a single foundation. We need to change our ways to make the Buddhist philanthropy no longer a singular and closed practice where charity is given to only fellow Buddhists or temples. The impact is exponential when we bring each other better karma together.

The Foundation can make a significant impact in caring for the underprivileged, aiding disaster victims and caring for the elders who are not capable or cannot afford to care for themselves. As Buddhists it is a core belief that if we do good deeds or create good causes, we will receive better effects. We extend our good causes to care for the environment such as participating in clean air initiatives. By helping others we also benefit our own karma as well as enhance the karma to humanity at large. With or without disasters on the rise, although we now witness through a series of events in the current year, we need to come together for humanity.

The Foundation’s model is to provide donors with a single platform of Buddhist philanthropy. By having a single platform we can consolidate donations for bigger charity distributions. Donors can still choose to donate to individual temples and assets will be set aside for such specific purpose. Grants from the Foundation will help support NGOs and other non-profit organizations around the world. Foundation's management consists of business savvy people growing the donated assets by professional insightful investments intended only for charitable causes. We work hard at creating value to maximize your donations and we have oversight measures to keep your donations working for your causes year after year.

Help us by your donations and/or by creating a partnered foundation in your country with the same bylaws and principles as the Foundation. We 're also looing for people to grow the management team. It is my sincere belief that, together and through the International Buddhist Society for Better Karma, we can make a difference in 2019 and thereafter.

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